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Magic in Every Touch

Discover this series of genuinely effective and deeply relaxing treatments at quintessentially Korean spa. I am dedicated to fulfilling your inner needs and revitalizing your body, mind and soul

  • SIGNATURE TREATMENT Aroma Korean massage. This massage stimulates specific points along the meridians to help manage fatigue. Korean massage improves blood circulation and metabolism. This massage stimulates specific points along the meridians to help manage fatigue. 


  • SWEDISH massage. This classic relaxation therapy uses long and smooth strokes to release tension, improve circulation and ease aching muscules.


  • BODY TREATMENT Lux Deep Tissue. This signature massage is a perfect combination of applying acupressure massage and therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques to help relieve discomfort and pain, focusing on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.


  • MERIDIAN MASSAGE (oil or dry). Meridian massage is based on the holistic system of traditional Asian medicine, calming an overactive sympathetic nervous system,which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress. Aimed to restore vitality and promote the healthy flow of Qi or vital life force energy (prana), it is highly associated with Yin and Yang concept.  


  • SPECIAL TREATMENT the sports rescue. For muscles that need some remedial attention, this medium to strong massage uses techniques that includes sports massage and deep tissue to reach deeper into problem areas and help disperse tension. Target weary muscles, particularly across the back and shoulders, with my double approach of a warm jade stone massage to heat and ease muscles. Followed by a releasing massage treatment that will coax the last of the aches and pains away, helping your entire body recover from a challenging round, match or workout.


  •  THE COMFORTER, Lymph drainage recovery therapy. A beautiful combination of techniques designed to eliminate stress from your busy life, live calmer, happier and healthier. De-stress and achieve a sense of peace and harmony. This treatment has been designed and shaped by my customer feedback.  The treatment uses relieving techniques and hand-picked Lavendin essential oil to leave you feeling de-stressed and at peace and harmony.


  • FOOT REFLEXOLOGY. This massage revitalizes and balances the body and mind through the use of compression on reflex points in the feet.


  • Onedayspa express. Treatments are designed for individuals with limited time, who need a specific area worked on (target massage).


   All treats are a full-body massages, powerful tool for giving and receiving healing. I often use a combination of Swedish, Deep tissue, Acupressure and Reflexology technoques:

Welcoming > Korean and Swedish technique > Head > Stretching > farewell touch

   Working within your body’s individual capabilities, I will leave your body feeling lighter, looser and at ease. Hands can be a magnificent healing tool, it’s a fact. Listen to the messages your body is sending out to you and see what the outcome is. Book now and Enjoy!

“Look well to the spine for the cause of desease.” Hippocrates

treatment menu

  • Korean Oil massage
  • Swedish therapy
  • deep tissue massage
  • meridian massage (oil or dry)
  • sports massage
  • lymph drainage therapy
  • facial massage (facial mask)
  • foot & abdominal massage,
  • Onedayspa express (target massage)
  • waxing