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Sports Massage in Korea

 WHY SPORTS MASSAGE?Sports massage Seoul

   We live in a world of extraordinary human physical achievement. More people  today are fitter, stronger, faster, and pushing their physical limits than at any time in history.

   This type of massage is widely used among professional and amateur athletes – in order to increase their efficiency and prevent the body from excessive loads. Competently conducted session of sports massage can quickly restore the body of an athlete after injury, prepare for important competitions, achieve and retain a certain fitness shape, as well as overcome physical and psychological fatigue.

   There are several main areas of sports massage, which differ in their functionality and purpose. Each of these areas solves a well-defined task, differs in the technique of execution and affects certain muscle groups.

Sports massage includes:

Training massage, Sports massage in Seoul

 Sports massage Seoul Training massage helps athletes to keep the body in good shape, and also not to damage the strained muscles during the competitions and the training sessions that exhaust them. Usually, a sports training massage is done after a couple or more hours after training, and ends with a visit to the sauna or at least a hot shower. Training massage consists of the basic elements of a classic massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. The duration of one session is about an hour. At the same time, the emphasis in the training massage is on those muscle groups that are most involved in a particular sport. So, athletes and skaters have leg muscles, swimmers have a muscular corset of the back, as well as shoulder and arm muscles.

Pre-massage, Sports massage in Seoul

 Sports massage Seoul This short type of massage is done before the workout itself and lasts much less (no more than half an hour). The main purpose of the pre-massage is to prepare the athlete’s body and body for training in order to achieve the best results and maximum efficiency. The training massage techniques are focused on the warming up of an athlete, in order to increase blood circulation in the limbs and throughout the body. Quite often, warming ointments and gels are applied to the point effect, which stimulate blood flow to a specific place. 

   Rules of sports massage: the main thing

1. It is necessary to perform movements only towards the lymph nodes, and the lymph nodes themselves cannot be massaged.

2. It is necessary to massage the body from the periphery to the center, that is, the hands warm up from the elbows to the armpits, the legs from the feet to the knees.

3. Pain during a massage is your permissive marker. In case of sports massage it should not hurt in any way! Otherwise, you risk making it worse!

4. Pose massaged should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. For this perfect special massage bed or any flat solid surface, which provides an approach to massage from all sides.

Sports massage is suitable only for professional athletes?

   No, not only. This type of massage helps to recover after hard physical exertion, after workouts in the fitness room, and also after active rest in the country, after intensive work in the country house in the garden. So, it will suit anyone who wants it. Leave all the problems on the massage table!

   One of the most important truly healing properties of massage is the complete relaxation of the body and the absolute unloading of the head. Along with yoga, massage is reminiscent of spiritual practice, because it allows you to make your mind clean and clear. It is not surprising that many correct decisions come to our patients during a massage session! Also an excellent indicator is a dream during a session, which clearly demonstrates and confirms that the patient is completely relaxed.

   Lying on the massage table, you leave all the problems and emotional throwing in the hands of our massage therapists, who will remove bad energy, restore mental strength and give you a good mood and energy for new achievements, not just sports!

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