Meridian Massage


   This is a unique Onedayspa’s method of massage, called “Meridian of Life”, which will help you enjoy the ease in the body, rolls of pleasure from the tips of toes, to the crown of the head. Allow yourself the temptation to be 100% healthy.

    I know that in the East, for many centuries, these types of body cleansing and human energy have been practiced: Qigong, Acupuncture, Shankh Prakshalana and many other methods of working with energy and body. Based on the teachings, which are called Chinese Meridians and the fundamentals of yoga, psycho-somatic, I developed and introduced a “Meridian of Life” massage.

   It is based on the effects on the main meridians, which in turn are responsible for the flow of energy into the organs of the human body. Therefore, during the “Meridian of Life” massage session, I will work out not only the muscles of the body, various “blocks”, “clamps”, but also direct work with the body meridians. During the massage “Meridian of Life” I will call the meridians for visualization, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of the massage.

   The effect can be described as follows: Ease in the body, sharpening of attention, and sensations of the surrounding space, improving eyesight. As a result of working out the clamps in the thoracic and cervical regions, there is a desire to “take a deep breath”, headache disappears, digestion is normalized, and sleep becomes calm and not anxious. For several sessions, cardiovascular diseases and asthma disappear. Duration of the session: Depending on the degree of contamination of the meridians, and the general condition of the patient, it takes from 1 to 2 hours.

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